Выставка Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference

27 Июн 2013

Выставка Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference

Даты проведения: 02 апреля — 05 апреля 2007

Страна, Город: Австралия, Мельбурн

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: Нет информации

Организатор: Reed Exhibitions The Americas

Описание выставки:

Конференция По Транспортной Инфраструктуре

The 2nd Annual Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference will focus on the significant investments that have been committed to within the Victorian Transport Plan and the progress some of these projects have made till date in ensuring a better transport network.

Presentations from leading government and industry specialists will explore the design and planning of key transport projects taking place within the state, the construction and implementation of these projects, and the ongoing maintenance and management process. The discussion topics will cover The Victorian Transport Plan — A Year Forward, public transport development, building a sustainable transport system, managing congestion, case studies on completed and ongoing transport projects, contractors perspectives on various projects, opportunities available with existing and upcoming projects, delivery models used, financing transport projects and the future outlook for the state.

Delegates will learn of the latest in transport projects, hear about the latest in regional public transport developments, and understand the expected growth and the time frame in which these developments will be happening.

The conference will provide its delegates with the perfect opportunity to discuss topics and issues presented and provide a fantastic networking opportunity where transport professionals, operators, contractors, consultants, investors can all learn of the latest developments and milestones that have been achieved a year into the Victorian Transport Plan, share experiences and lessons learned. The conference room will be set up in cabaret style with a question &amp- answer segment in place to encourage and enable delegates» opinions to be presented.