Выставка Munzenmesse Hamburg

28 Ноя 2012

Выставка Munzenmesse Hamburg

Даты проведения: 28 мая — 31 мая 2013

Страна, Город: Германия, Гамбург

Периодичность: два раза в год

Место проведения: Messe Luzern

Организатор: Kaizer Exhibitions & Conferences Sdn Bhd

Описание выставки:

The international M?nzenmesse in Hamburg attracts collectors from many countries such as Belgium, China, Denmark, England, Holland, Lithuania, Austria and Sweden. Those find at the fair coins, medals and banknotes from all periods and countries. Likewise there are numismatic accessories and literature. On the large fairground collectors have the opportunity to view the exhibits at rest and also make one or the other transaction.