Выставка VET Middle East

12 Сен 2013

Выставка VET Middle East

Даты проведения: 19 февраля — 22 февраля 2009

Страна, Город: ОАЭ, Дубай

Периодичность: Нет информации

Место проведения: Mexico World Trade Center

Организатор: Antique Automobile Club of America

Описание выставки:

VET Middle East in Dubai is a co-located dedicated event for the veterinary industry alongside AGRAme exhibition. VET Middle East focused on the growing veterinary market in the Middle East, presenting the latest technology, equipments, medicines and other products and services. Exhibitors are from various countries like the UAE, USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Croatia, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, France, China and Pakistan. The display of innovative products and services attracted veterinary specialists, private veterinary hospitals &amp- clinics, technicians, traders and distributors from all over the Middle East.