Выставка Retirement Communities World Asia

27 Июн 2013

Выставка Retirement Communities World Asia

Даты проведения: 15 апреля — 17 апреля 2011

Страна, Город: Гонконг, Гонконг

Периодичность: Нет информации

Место проведения: ZAGREB FAIR

Организатор: ANFAS (Antalya Fair Management and Investment Inc.)

Описание выставки:

With baby boomers moving into their retirement years and the elderly living considerably longer, there is a huge demand and market for senior living in Asia, which should pay off handsomely for property majors who start to plan for well-built and dedicated retirement communities.

Engage thought leaders and industry specialists at Asia’s first and foremost retirement communities forum, where you can access timely market intelligence, evaluate strategies and gain critical insights into the regional development, investment and growth opportunities for this upcoming asset class.