Выставка Private Healthcare World Asia

15 Авг 2012

Выставка Private Healthcare World Asia

Даты проведения: 31 октября — 09 ноября 2007

Страна, Город: Сингапур, Сингапур

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: Stockholmsmassan

Организатор: dmg world media (NZ) Ltd

Описание выставки:

Healthcare World Asia 2012 will bring together C-level executives from Asia\»s top 50 healthcare operators to discuss strategies for financing, increasing patient care, investing in IT, reducing healthcare operational costs and transforming healthcare delivery in Asia.

It is Asia\»s most strategic healthcare event that will connect you with Asia\»s key decision makers and give you insights to their plans in the region. Under this event, we have prepared three very high level forums namely:

  • Chief Executive Officer Forum
  • Chief Finance Officer Forum
  • Chief Technology Officer Forum

As Asia\»s FIRST and ONLY event to have the most comprehensive program, Healthcare World Asia will feature multiple conferences, forums , summits and workshops that will cover across the pivotal aspects of healthcare industry.Healthcare World Asia 2012 will show you why and how you can access the important markets in Asia that matters most to your business. Over two days, more than 400 decision makers from Healthcare industry from Asia and globally will gather at this event