Выставка Norwegian Jewellery & Watch

20 Сен 2013

Выставка Norwegian Jewellery & Watch

Даты проведения: 13 февраля — 15 февраля 2008

Страна, Город: Норвегия, Лиллестрем

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: СибЭкспоЦентр, Иркутский международный выставочный комплекс

Организатор: Fiera di Genova SpA

Описание выставки:

The Norwegian Jewellery &amp- Watch in Lillestr?m shows products from talented designers from Norway and abroad, as well as wholesalers and manufacturers. It is a platform for experts from Norway to share with colleagues and see new products and for foreign companies wishing to operate on the Norwegian market. It is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the own customers and make new business contacts.