Выставка National Travel Forum

23 Сен 2013

Выставка National Travel Forum

Даты проведения: 30 июля — 31 июля 2013

Страна, Город: США, Орландо

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: Centro de Exposicoes Imigrantes

Организатор: Международный Выставочный Центр, ООО

Описание выставки:

Национальный форум путишествий

Travel and relocation are both about getting people and things to move from point A to point B. At the National Travel Forum (NTF), being held June 29 — July 1, 2010, attendees will get the tools, the knowledge and the know-how to make this happen effectively, in both time and cost. Since the 2008 NTF, everyone’s perspective has shifted and now more than ever people are looking at cost and transparency in everything they do. In response to this changing environment, the government travel and relocation sectors are incorporating new and innovative ways to approach how business gets done. The 2010 NTF puts you at the forefront of this information that is impacting your program and makes sure you stay on a continued path towards world class travel and relocation management.