15 Май 2013


Даты проведения: 12 февраля — 14 февраля 2010

Страна, Город: Хорватия, Загреб

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: Международный Выставочный Центр

Организатор: Incheba Praha spol. s r.o.

Описание выставки:

This is the 7th year we have been organizing the Music and Multimedia Fair. During that period the Fair has been changing concepts, dates and contents of the accompanying events in accordance to the suggestions and requirements of exhibitors and the market.
From year to year we have been changing and adding to the programme with the intention to perfect it and to create a better business climate for our exhibitors. It was evident that the best results were achieved by the exhibitors who carried out quality preparations with good promotional materials, professional staff, attractively arranged exhibition space and an elaborated presentation of their products. Presentations of products, services and trends in the field of multimedia and music were supplemented by entertaining, educational, professional and accompanying events ranging from show programmes, DJs, dance groups, educational workshops, dance competitions, appearances of home and foreign musicians etc. We are encouraged by the fact that in a time of crisis the fairs can play a very important role. More and more exhibitors are beginning to realize the significance of participation and promotion at the fair events. Despite modern means of communication and the internet the fairs are still influential and unavoidable meetings points of experts and venues for product promotion, exchange of experience and closing of business deals. Fairs are definitely unique places where you can simultaneously see, compare, evaluate and get an immediate feedback on the product or a service. We intend to continue adjusting the project to the requirements of both exhibitors and visitors as we wish to make it better. Your suggestions are welcome and you are kindly invited to join us.