Выставка JFW Japan Creation

04 Окт 2013

Выставка JFW Japan Creation

Даты проведения: 12 октября — 20 октября 2013

Страна, Город: Япония, Токио

Периодичность: Нет информации

Место проведения: Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center

Организатор: Antique Automobile Club of America

Описание выставки:

JFW JAPAN CREATION is a total fashion textile exhibition in the comprehensive project of Japan Fashion Week in TOKYO with uprising of its fashion trend and its value of presence.Since globalisation and overseas strategy are keys to future business, the Japanese apparel market remains one of the largest and most attractive of its kind. Apparel manufacturing based on highly refined sense and quality would not have been easy without Japanese fabrics created with high quality and added value in the long history. Regarding domestic production, however, the hollowing-out phenomenon continues, and Japan is dependent on imports for most of its supplies, facing the severe reality of an accelerating decline in domestic textile producing regions. Material procurement in the domestic market is thus limited, hence the increased demand for business opportunities with leading overseas textile makers.