Выставка Grunes Geld

28 Июн 2013

Выставка Grunes Geld

Даты проведения: 19 сентября — 21 сентября 2011

Страна, Город: Германия, Мюнхен

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: Expo Centre Sharjah

Организатор: Fresh RM Limited

Описание выставки:

At the fair Grunes Geld in Munich numerous banks present opportunities for sustainable investment: From Solar Fund over savings bonds to sustainable equity funds. The shown product range includes organic, solid tree-investments, renewable-energy investments and many more. Professionals and politicians explain in numerous lectures and generally competent, what distinguishes the sustainable, ethical investment from the normal, especially in terms of safety, yield and responsibility.