Выставка Finanz & Immobilien Messe

19 Июн 2013

Выставка Finanz & Immobilien Messe

Даты проведения: 27 февраля — 03 марта 2013

Страна, Город: Германия, Дрезден

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: La Rural del Prado

Организатор: Парад-Экспо, Выставочная фирма

Описание выставки:

The Finanz &amp- Immobilien Messe in Dresden is a briefing to all aspects of the real estate acquisition and construction. Numerous exhibitors from Dresden and the surrounding regions will showcase their products around the home and real estate acquisition and give lots of tips on home buying, home construction, financing, investment and insurance. Visitors can find information here thoroughly and comprehensively at the various service providers, architects, home builders and home sellers and visit lectures and forums of the exhibitors.