Выставка Education Fair Chennai

25 Апр 2013

Выставка Education Fair Chennai

Даты проведения: 18 октября — 20 октября 2011

Страна, Город: Индия, Ченнаи

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: ЦМТЕ (Центр Международной Торговли Екатеринбург)

Организатор: Absolut

Описание выставки:

The well known Prompt Trade Fairs (I)Pvt.Ltd is organizing the Biggest ever and the most essential and comprehensive exhibition on Education ever held in Chennai. It is scheduled to be held on 15 and 16 June 2013 at Chennai Trade Center.

Education Fair-2013 is a big open platform of information and knowledge and the interface between the educational institutions and the students and parents community seeking mutual benefits for their own interest. The event will be remembered and trusted as a brand not only among the participant, college and institutions but also with in the students and parents community.