Выставка BISFE

24 Дек 2012

Выставка BISFE

Даты проведения: 02 октября — 06 октября 2011

Страна, Город: Южная Корея, Бусан

Периодичность: раз в год

Место проведения: Stockholm Fair

Организатор: FEXPOCRUZ — Feria Exposicion de Santa Cruz

Описание выставки:

Международная выставка морепродуктов

BISFE 2010 is the one industry event that has it all. For exhibitors and participating trade visitors, these could easily be the most important days in the year. The event is one of the most cost effective ways to present new products or services to prospective buyers. By exhibiting at BISFE 2010 you open up your business to an unprecedented audience, with considerable purchasing authority.

Exhibit Categories

— Refrigerated, frozen, processed, flavored, dried, salted, roasted, fried seafood,seaweed, fish, fish extract, other products for health and wellbeing

-Fishing nets and gear, fishing-boat equipment, trawl doors, aquaculture facilities, seafood processing equipment, ice making machines, seafood processing machines, packaging machinery, seafood storage containers, marine environmental machinery, marine machinery, fish conveyor and cutter, artificial reefs, oil controller system, FRP pump, bubble generator, air mattress for boat, LED light bulbs, conveyor system for fishing vessels, non-slip footwear, HACCP systems.

-Marine bio new materials, marine bio oriented high functional materials and cosmetics, seaweed extract food and drinks, natural sea salt, deep sea drinking water, feed supplement for fish aquaculture, medical treatment for fish, marine bio research achievement.